A Summary on Choosing Champagne Glasses for Your Wedding

  • With their elegant appearance and diverse styles to choose from, champagne glasses are a must-have addition to any wedding planner’s lists.
  • Without them, the special toasts and warm heart to hearts wouldn’t be the same. 
  • Choosing the right glasses for your wedding takes some planning.

Before your special day, you may be staying up late thinking about your cake, what kind of dress or suit you’re going to wear, or who you will invite. But what can be more important than selecting the perfect champagne glasses for your wedding? 

To help you, we’ve included the top styles, tips, and expert picks below, so you can purchase champagne glasses that are deserving of your special day. 

What to Consider for Your Wedding’s Champagne Glasses

When you’re selecting the perfect champagne glasses for your wedding, it’s important to not only think about the material and shape but also which design and style fits you and your guests the most. 

Women at a wedding holding champagne glasses

No matter what style of champagne or sparkling wine you’re serving at your wedding, having the perfect glass that represents you and your guests is important. More importantly, you want glasses that do the job and can last throughout the night. Below are a few common things to consider when buying champagne glasses for your big day. 

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The first thing to consider is the shape of the Champagne glass. This will determine how long your bubbles last and how your wine’s aromas will come to life. If you have a special champagne to remember your special day, then picking something that lets your wine’s aromas express themselves and open up is key.

What it’s Made From

The champagne glass’s material can also make or break your experience. Whether it’s crystal glassware or well-made glass, you want something that’s both elegant and sturdy. If your guest list is growing by the minute, you’re going to want something that can last. For larger weddings, thicker glassware is often best because it’s less prone to breaking. 


However, if your guests are on the quieter side and you want something special, delicate and refined glassware may be your best choice. The slender stems and rims of these glasses are meant to be appreciated and taken care of. 


To get glasses that are built to last and beautiful in design, look for reputable glass makers for your glasses. Unless you’re on a tight budget, these top-of-the-line glasses will be showstoppers at your wedding. 

Glassmakers like Riedel, NUDE, and Zwiesel offer the best quality on the market, plus some incredibly beautiful designs. There are plenty of wonder budget glasses available as well, including glasses made by Italesse and Libbey. 

Types of Champagne Glasses

There are several types of glasses that are popular companions for your favorite champagne. Below are a few of the top styles to look out for and their pros and cons. 

champagne tulip glass with blank background

Champagne Flutes

What can be more classic for your wedding than champagne flutes. These iconic glasses serve a purpose and are hard to beat for displaying elegance and care for the aesthetics of your big event. 

There are many styles of champagne flutes to choose from. These common and specially designed glasses are made to keep your champagne’s bubbles in the glass. They’re also some of the classiest glasses on the market. 

The flute’s tall and narrow design preserves your wine’s flavor and effervescence. Its elongated shape and indented base help your bubbles to rise and circulate in your glass. Despite their common design, champagne flutes come in different forms. 

  • The classic flute features a long and tapered conical shape. This is the most common flute design and is still an excellent choice. 
  • The trumpet flute has an outward curve at the opening, similar to a trumpet’s bell. This shape focuses bubbles towards the rim, intensifying the wine’s effervescence. 
  • The stemless Champagne flute keeps the glasses popular conical shape but gets rid of the stem. Although they look good, the heat of your hand may warm up your wine faster than you’d like. 

Champagne flutes are best if you want to maintain a standard of elegance at your wedding. It’s design will preserve your champagne’s temperature and bubbles, giving your guests even more time to socialize.

Champagne Coupes

The coupe has a unique design, featuring a shallow bowl on top of a short stem that lets you admire your champagne’s bubbles dancing in the glass. However, this makes the precious bubbles lose their effervescence quickly, so you’ll have to fill up quickly. 

two people cheersing with a coupe glass

The glass is considered a symbol of elegance and luxury, and a favorite at parties and important events. As for wine appreciation, coupes also help open up a champagne so you can savor its more subtle aromas. 

Champagne coupes, or saucers, were originally made in England in the early 1800s. They are some of the earliest styles of glassware used for drinking champagne and still some of the most popular at weddings. 

Coupe glasses are for wedding antics and wine appreciation. You’ll not only get to aerate your champagne while enjoying it but you can also build a massive champagne tower to impress your guests. 

Tulip Glasses

Tulip Champagne glasses became popular in the 1930s as a unique and functional alternative to the flutes. Tulip glasses have a unique oval shape, with a wider and more rounded middle section to collect the bubbles and aromas in the bowl.  

These glasses aerate your wine in their broad bowls, making some champagne’s taste better over time in your glass. However, their narrow rim traps the bubbles, giving you the best of both worlds.

If you want to blend the functions of the other two styles of champagne glasses or shake it up a bit, then a tulip is your best choice. They are practical and many designs are built to last the night and longer. 

Champagne Glasses for Your Wedding: Top Picks

There are so many amazing champagne glasses on the market that would be perfect additions to your wedding. To help you choose the right one, we’ve included our top picks below. 

Riedel Veloce Champagne Wine Glass ($89)

riedel veloce champagne glasses

Leave it up to Riedel to make some of the finest champagne wine glasses on the market. These diamond-shaped glasses not only trap your champagne’s bubbles but let its aromatics overflow at the opening. 

If you’re serving a special champagne for your wedding, then it’s hard to beat this glass. Your guests will cherish and remember every sip. 

The Riedel Veloce Champagne Wine Glass is made from Riedel’s world-renowned crystal. The glasses come in a pack of two and are dishwasher safe. 

Spiegelau Authentis Champagne Flute ($82)

spiegelau flute, four champagne glasses

Spiegelau makes some of the best wine glasses in the world and its champagne flutes are no exception. Its elegant design is thin enough to trap your champagne’s effervescence while letting its aromas sing. 

If you’re looking for the best champagne flute that’s not only strong enough to last but lets your wine breathe, then this flute is for you. No matter if you’re toasting everyday sparkling wine or Grand cru champagne at your wedding, this glass will do its job perfectly. 

These beautiful glasses come in a pack of four. Even though they are thin, they are sturdy and dishwasher safe. 

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Champagne Flute ($90)

zwiesel tritan champagne glasses, set of 6

This is another tried-and-true champagne flute that’s perfect for weddings. With its beautiful and sturdy design and sleek flute shape, it’s hard to beat. 

These flutes are made from Tritan Crystal, which is sturdy, beautiful, and elegant. You’ll love the durability and comfort of these beautiful glasses. 

The Tritan Champagne Flutes come in containers of 6 flutes. They are dishwasher safe and are built to last the night. 

Veritas Coupe Glasses by Riedel ($89)

riedel veritas coupe, set of 2

If you’re in the party mood and want to stack champagne with your guests, then Riedel’s Veritas Coupe is the glass for you. This glass is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for a long night of toasts. 

This glass is made to enhance the aromas of your champagne. It is also stackable, making it the ultimate party glass. 

Riedel’s Veritas Coupe Glasses come in a set of two. They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean by hand.

Why Champagne Glasses Matter

Having the right glass for your champagne shows your guests that you care about your wine and your event. No matter if you choose a standard flute, a party-stopping coupe, or an elegant tulip, each glass serves a purpose. 

Two champagne glasses on a table with red flowers

Ultimately, which style you choose depends on what you and your special someone like. Make sure to pick a glass style that fits your personality, budget, and goals for this night of your lifetime. 

Also, look for quality, craftsmanship, and type of materials. You want a champagne glass that will last through the night and hopefully beyond, so you can remember this special night throughout your life.