Pinot noir is one of the most beloved grapes for wine drinkers around the world. Its versatility, elegant aromas, and complex flavors make it perfect for crafting high quality and expressive wines. 

Few grapes reflect terroir better than pinot noir because of its lighter body and secondary and tertiary aromas. To pick up on all its aromas, you’re going to need a special glass. 

That’s where pinot noir glasses, also known as burgundy glasses, come in. These glasses have deep and wide bowls that help aerate your pinot noir to open up its aromas. 

There are several amazing pinot noir glasses on the market for every price range. From their expertly crafted glass and crystal to their elegant designs, these are just a few amazing designs to choose from. 

Continue reading below to learn more about the top glasses and what makes them so special. 

Best Pinot Noir Glasses on a Budget

There’s no rule that pinot noir glasses should break your bank. If you’re on a budget, consider the beautiful and affordable glasses below. 

Burgundy Wine Glass by Spiegelau ($40 to $50)

spiegelau wine glasses

Spiegelau is one of the top glassmakers in the world for fine wine glasses. Its beautiful and functional pinot noir glass is one of its most popular. 

This lightweight glass is made from Spiegelau’s world-famous crystal. It is both elegant and durable. For anyone who loves pinot noir and wants an affordable set of four glasses, this is hard to match. 

AOOE Hand Blown Burgundy Glass by Rovsya ($37.79 – $71.10)

aooe wine glasses.

ROVSYA produces excellent wine glasses and these burgundy glasses are some of its finest work. Hand blown and made from high-quality crystal glass, these glasses are perfect for your home wine collection. 

The AOOE Hand Blown Burgundy Glasses are made with thin rims which maximize the tasting experience. Because of this, they aren’t as durable as some other burgundy glasses, but they are still perfect for everyday use. 

Red Wine Glasses by Elixir Glassware ($30 to $45)

elixer glassware red wine glasses

This set of four glasses by Elixer Glassware is a wonderful deal. They are made from hand-blown crystal glass and are durable and elegant. 

These glasses feature wide bowls which provide plenty of space for swirling and aerating. For being so durable, they are lightweight and have a thin rim that helps you savor pinot noir and other light-bodied and highly expressive reds. 

Best Pinot Noir Glasses for a Wine Expert

For wine experts who want expert form and functionality, the glasses below are ideal. From state-of-the-art shapes to tried and tested classics, these glasses will make your pinot noir shine. 

Atelier Pinot Noir Wine Glass by Luigi Bormioli ($74.99)

A man holding a luigi bormioli atelier 21oz pinot noir red wine glass

The Atelier Pinot Noir Glass by Luigi Bormiolo is a one-of-a-kind glass that’s perfect for pinot noir and other light to medium bodied red wines. The curvature of the bowl allows the aromatic red wines to open up in the glass. 

These glasses are extra sturdy, with titanium reinforced stems that will hold up to a lifetime of use. The glasses were laser cut to have extra thin rims and light-weight features. 

Somm Pinot Noir Hand Blown Wine Glass by Wine Enthusiast ($40)

wineenthusiast pinot noir wine glass

Wine Enthusiast specializes in everything wine and especially in wine glasses. This beautiful hand blown wine glass is made for pinot noir. 

It uses a hand crafted bowl design to make swirling more efficient. With these beautiful glasses, your pinot noir will open up and express itself to the fullest. 

Josephine No 3 by Josephinenhutte ($95)

josephine no3 wine glass

The JOSEPHINE No 3 glass features plenty of surface area in the bowl that perfectly aerates your wine. Its innovative design blends elements from Bordeaux and traditional pinot noir glasses that result in a versatile glass. 

This glass allows complex red wines to fully express their richness and complexity. You can also enjoy oak-aged chardonnays, and even fuller-bodied reds in this elegant glass. However, for pinot noir, few glasses are as effective. 

Best High End Pinot Noir Glasses 

If your budget is no issue and you want a glass that stands out, then one of the glasses below is for you. These beautiful designs are made with the best materials and will make the perfect centerpieces for your wine collection. 

Performance Pinot Noir by Riedel ($89)

riedel performance 1 1 wine glass

Riedel is praised for its incredible sleek designs and expert craftsmanship. These high performance pinot noir glasses are some of Riedel’s best work. 

For anyone who is serious about pinot noir, the Performance Pinot Noir glasses will be worth the investment. Made from Riedel’s high-quality crystal, these amazing pinot noir glasses will be durable and long-lasting. 

The glass has a beautiful tulip shape and a thin lip that flares out to give the taster the maximum amount of aromas and flavors. 

PURE Burgundy Glass by Schott Zwiesel ($95)

zwiesel 1 wine glass

Another big player in the world of wine glasses, Schott Zwiesel doesn’t disappoint with its PURE Burgundy Glasses. These sturdy and beautiful glasses are designed to allow maximum aromatics and enjoyment. 

Made from Triton crystal glass, these wine glasses will last a lifetime. They are beautiful wine glasses that work for more than just pinot noir wines. 

Denk’Art Burgundy Glass by Zalto ($85)

zalto 1 wine glass

This sleek and durable wine glass by Zalto is made from high-quality lead-free crystal. It’s one of Zalto’s best glasses and works perfectly for pinot noir and other types of highly aromatic wines. 

The glass design represents the angles of the earth’s tilt, with a bowl tilted at 24 and 72 degrees. From the bowl, the angle rises at 48 degrees, making the glass unique and incredibly beautiful. 

How to Choose the Best Pinot Noir Glasses

If you want to find the best pinot noir glass for you, look for glasses that blend quality, functionality, and value. No matter if you’re looking for a budget pinot noir glass or a glass fit for a special event, there’s something great on the market for you. 

First, think about what you want to spend. Consider your budget and find something you’re comfortable buying.

Next, look for the form. Pinot noir glasses should have a wide bowl with plenty of room for swirling. They should also have a long stem and tapered opening, which is crucial in the wine drinking process. 

Finally, take your time choosing a glass that’s high quality. Your pinot noir glass should stand the test of time and last through more than a few wine tastings. 

In the end, you should choose a wine glass that you like. Although pinot noir glasses look similar, they come in all sorts of styles, shapes, and weights. 

What Makes a Pinot Noir Glass so Unique

Pinot noir glasses are specially made to highlight the beautiful aromas and flavors of pinot noir. These glasses have undergone centuries of refinement that started in Burgundy, France. 

These special glasses have a wide base that tapers towards the opening. This design enhances the wine’s expressive qualities so you can smell and taste everything the wine has to offer.  

red wine in a glass tilted on its side

The glasses’ ultra-thin rims allow the wine to flow smoothly and uninterrupted into the mouth. This enhances your enjoyment of every single sip. 

For wine lovers, these specialized glasses are the perfect tools for appreciating this special wine. They are also ideal vessels for enjoying other wines, such as gamays, Rhone-style blends, and even white wine. 

No matter what budget you have, you can find an excellent pinot noir glass for your wine collection. They are also versatile, meaning you can pair them with several other styles of wine.