A Quick Summary on Wine Glasses as Wedding Gifts

  • Wine glasses are some of the best wedding gifts you could buy for someone on their special day.
  • To choose the right glasses to gift, there are several things to keep in mind.
  • There are several top brands on the market to choose from.
  • Wine glasses come in all kinds of designs, price points, and styles.
  • They are versatile, symbolic, and most of all, they help wine taste amazing. 

For weddings, nothing beats coming home and opening a brand new set of wine glasses to celebrate the big day. However, it’s always important to shop around and do your research beforehand, so you choose the right ones. 

Read on to learn more about how to select the best wine glasses as wedding gifts. This way, you’ll find the perfect gift for the special wine-lovers in your life.  

What to Consider When Choosing Wine Glasses as Wedding Gifts

Wine glasses come in all kinds of styles and designs. Each one is made with a different style of wine in mind.

When getting wine glasses as a wedding gift, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. Below are a few suggestions. 

Two empty wine glasses under a vail

Prioritize Quality

When you are hunting for a wine glass to give as a wedding gift, the most important thing to consider is quality. Choose a wine glass that’s either made from high-quality glass or crystal. 

Look at wine glasses that are dishwasher safe and made to be durable. The days after a wedding can be stressful, so look at glasses that are less likely to break and easy to clean. 

Who are the Newlyweds?

Think about the people you’re buying the wine glasses for. Do they have kids? Do they like hosting? Or do they appreciate nice things that have a lot of meaning? 

Knowing who you’re buying wine glasses for will help a lot. The most important question should be what type of wine they drink. This will help you pinpoint which glass is right for them. 

If the newlyweds are really into wine and love aged red wine, look at buying Burgundy or Bordeaux glasses. If they enjoy bubbly, nothing beats a high-quality set of champagne tulips. 

Stemmed vs. Stemless Glasses

Choosing whether to get stemmed vs. stemless glasses depends on preference. For people who don’t get too worked up over wine, stemless can sometimes be the way to go. 

If the couple you’re gifting loves wine, then consider getting classic stemmed wine glasses. These will always be appreciated and there are some very special ones on the market. 

Explore Different Price Points

Not all wine glasses are built the same and sometimes the most expensive ones won’t be the best fit. Look at several options: who they’re made by, and what material they are made from. 

You may be surprised to find affordable options that meet everyone’s expectations. In the end, it all comes down to picking wine glasses that will make the newlyweds happy and give them the best wine tasting experience possible. 

Popular Wine Glass Brands for Wedding Gifts

There are a few top-notch brands of wine glasses out there that make the perfect gift. To help you select the best gift, we’ve included some great brands from some of the world’s most reputable glassmakers. 

champagne glasses and wedding bouquet


Libbey has several highly rated styles of wine glasses available. From stemless to stemmed, their glasses are top of the line, elegant, durable, and affordable. 

Try their Libbey Signature Greenwich All-Purpose Wine Glasses. These 16-ounce universal designs come in sets of 4 and will be perfect additions to a new home’s glassware collection. 


Gabriel-Glas is one of the top glassmakers out there who specialize in beautiful, practical, and durable wine glasses. 

For a wedding gift, try their wonderful StandArt Machine-Blown Wine Glasses. For an added touch of luxury, check out their Gold Edition Hand-Blown Wine Glasses. 


For some of the most stunning high-end wine glasses out there, look to Josephinenhütte to supply the best. This world-renowned glassware company makes some of the most elegant and durable hand-blown wine glasses you could buy for a wedding gift. 

They have everything from universal glasses to specially designed red and white wine glasses. If you’re looking for a special wedding gift for wine lovers, this is hard to beat. 

Why Wine Glasses Make the Perfect Wedding Gift

Wine glasses hold a special and useful place as wedding gifts. Unlike many other gifts, wine glasses can have long-lasting meaning and use, especially if the lucky newlyweds love wine. 

Couple at a wedding holding champagne flutes

Their use will go far beyond the wedding day itself. From intimate dinners, at-home wine tastings, or quiet evenings spent together, nothing is a more romantic gift. 

Wine glasses also offer a personal touch that few other gifts can match. From customizable engravings on the wine glasses base to designs meant to symbolize their favorite wines, these gifts can have plenty of sentimental value that can last a lifetime.